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Brandy Roggentien, LCSW, BICM, PPS

LCSW 22723
National Provider#1184196875

School Social Worker

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist

Service/Support Animal Certifications

Trauma Care Specialist

Services at a Glance

Quick Fix 3 pack!

3 as needed virtual psychotherapy for simpler issues

Emotional Support Animal or Psychiatric Service Dog Certifications

Subject to free quick qualification.

*Subject to assessment and approval.

Will I Be Approved? 3 Questions to Qualify!

If you answer yes to the following questions, you will most likely qualify to have a Service/Support animal certification with Counselor Brandy.


1. In the last 6 months, have I have suffered symptoms or problems resulting in anxiety, mood, or functioning issues?

2. These mental health symptoms or problems have interfered with my functioning in one or more of the following areas:

Sleep, Work, Relationships, Academics, Socializing, Intimacy, Travel, ….etc

Learning, Daily Functioning, Hygiene, Self-Care, Medical, Memory, Cognitive, Physical, Eating, ETC.,

3. I have an animal/pet that helps reduce or eliminate my symptoms of anxiety or mood issues?

Extended  Psychotherapy

Set up your frequency and needs for bigger ongoing issues

Service/Support Animal Frequently Asked Questions

“Brandy is an incredibly powerful therapist. She is direct and always comes with solutions to issues clients struggle to see.  She’s my primary referral therapist for adolescents and young adults successfully transitioning to adulthood. She has also helped so many of my clients obtain life-changing QUALITY support animal certifications. I highly recommend her.”

– Joan Knowlden, LMFT, CTS

“Brandy is an incredibly brilliant, compassionate, intuitive therapist that is extraordinarily engaging with all age groups. Brandy also has an unbelievable sense of humor and frequently incorporates that into her therapy. She’s spectacular!”

– Dr. Lance Steinberg, MD
Psychiatry Adolescent Medicine/ Pediatrics
Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA-NPI
Top Doctor Awards 2021 & 2022

“I can’t say enough about Brandy. She is wonderful to work through my life struggles with. Her calm presence, depth of knowledge, and willingness to go above and beyond are unparalleled I am so grateful to have stumbled upon her and count her as one of my many blessings in my often rocky journey of my so-called life. Thank you and many blessings to everyone who reads this review and takes the path ahead with her sage counsel. It’s never too late to get help.”

– Karen T